wedding with the green garments

This video shows a medicinal leech helping with an ear hematoma. Dogs get hematomas usually due to an ear infection and then subsequent head shaking. The ear flap gets "bruised" and the flap fills with blood. You have to treat the swollen ear so that the pooled blood doesn't become a painful infection. The leech helps reduce the blood in the hematoma all while using the leech's own natural pain reliever and anticoagulant. The dogs feel no pain from the leech (although the hematoma itself hurts somewhat to begin with) and with some small hematomas this therapy may be enough. With larger ones there may need to be surgery eventually but this therapy buys time and offers some relief. Owner's permission to share wedding with the green garments # VCAHEALTHYPAWS # AMAZINGSCIENCE

Medicinal Leech Therapy short Leech helping Ear Hematoma Dec 16