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These are the ingredients and health
benefits in Using Burn Slim Tablet:
1.Garcinia Cambogia Extract
Power Appetite Suppressant
Prevents Fat Storage
Improve your Heart Health
Cure Gastric Issues
Positive Stimulant for Brain
2.Green Tea Extract
Maintain Body Weight
Best Drink for Diabetes
Regulate Blood Pressure
Prevent Cancer
Anti Stress
Increase Brain Activity
3.Conjugated Linoleic Acid(CLA)
Increase Metabolic Rate
Enhance Muscle Growth.
Lower Cholesterol and Triglycerides
Lower Insulin Resistance
Induced Allergic Reaction
Enhances Immune System
4. L -Carnitine
Aids Weight Loss
Play an important role in energy production
Improve Mental Performance and Cognitive Ability wedding wears with chapel or court train
5.White Kidney Bean Extract.
Reduce Cholesterol
Stabilizes Blood Sugar
Full of Iron
Good for Memory
Anti -Oxidant
Boost Energy
Lower Heart Attack risk
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