wedding outfits for mature women

Old photo from my (now dead) granny's house; no scribbles on the back. None of us can remember what she may have told us about it. Looks like they're either in their Sunday best or dressed for an occasion (wedding? Easter?). My granny was Annie Budge, nee Ross, of Kendram (and later Conista). wedding outfits for mature women
From their style of dress I'm thinking 1920s....could it have been sent from one of her Ross cousins in Struan ( Christine Baker would your mum or aunt Jessie recognise anyone?)
Or possibly one of her Mathieson cousins (in Kendram, Balmaquien, and Conista).
I was wondering if the gable end of the building in the background was the former Duntulm Lodge (hotel) barn where they used to hold dances/ceilidhs? But unsure now...
I guess it could be from my seanair's side of the family (Budges)...but its been shown around to those still living and no one recognises anybody in it.

Any pointers greatly appreciated!

P.s. thats an Irish Wolfhound playing with the child sat on the grass to the far left