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**Update: well the doctor is still concerned about him still having his headache. They said he is having the "post concussion" where pretty much everything that happens while you have a concussion or even the "after shock" of it all. They said it's normal and he's gunna be kind of out of it for a while as his brain starts healing. We have been referred to a neurologist to watch him as well as some other issues that need to be addressed. Thank you all for the prayers!! ***

Prayers for us please. Chandler has still been complaining of a horrible headache which we knew he would feel crappy for a few days, but the headache has gotten worse to where his head feels like it wants to explode and it feels like someone is trying to poke his eye out so we took him back and the doctor looked at him. She said he's extremely pale and his pupils are a little bit bigger than what they should be so she sent us back to the bigger hospital to have another CT scan done and possibly a spinal tap may have to be done. Their concerned that he is still having headaches and the Ibuprofen or Tylenol isn't helping. Just wish little mans head would quit hurting. So say a little prayer for us that its nothing major!! TIA wedding collections With Lace Appliques in knee length