vintage inspired wedding items in short length

Yesterday I got quite a fright. Once again I gave into my weakness for coffee. Since I know the caffeine doesn't agree with me, I ordered half caf and half decaf. Man I got a pain under my right breast which I tried to ignore until I got home.Actually the pain seemed to spread throughout my rib cage. Now I had noticed before when I was consuming a lot of decaf coffee a similar pain but not nearly as intense. I am also hypertensive but you would never know it seeing the amount of salt I consume. Anyway to relieve the pain I decided to drink my Immune Booster. Now I normally highlight my other herbs more than my Immune Booster, although I occasionally drink it to control my high blood pressure. To make it more effective I have added sage to my proprietary blend of herbs. I drank about three cups last night and rubbed my right side with our Noni ointment. Boy I was urinating all night long releasing the toxins from my body. This morning the pain is gone! vintage inspired wedding items in short length

I have looked into the ingredients of decaf coffee and it's pure toxins. In fact the print is so fine I can't even read most of the ingredients listed. Folgers is the only decaf coffee sold in St Kitts which lists pure coffee beans.

Since I have added sage to the Immune Booster it is a tea to be reckoned with. It also tastes good. I don't promote it as much as I should but now that I know it works like this I will. Also yesterday morning I drank the Immune Booster before working outside on the farm, and I was filled with energy. Normally once the sun comes out I run inside, but yesterday I had the energy to perform many tasks outside.

I am your guinea pig. I forget that I am aging and can't indulge in my many bad food habits. But I have to let you know that God's medicine continues to come to my rescue until I learn my lessons! By the way I am in the process of growing and drying my herbs and when I think I can meet the demand I will start promoting them on my Riches of the Earth SKN page. But right now I can only fill a limited amount of orders.