short with black colored items to wear


My head hurts. I am fighting what can only be called a massive sinus infection brought on by the dry air. I am not sure how long I can maintain this schedule. Please give me the strength to do this. If I was not sick and people would stop waking me up, it would help. I need quiet guys. This job is enriching our lives. I have to be able to think. I would like help with the household chores as well. short with black colored items to wear

Right now I am trying to do all the housework and have done a bang up job maintaining but I am losing ground. Being sick yesterday and still having to work hurt. I will try to catch up today and I am sure I will but at what cost? I NEED TO SLEEP! PLEASE be respectful of that. PLEASE. :(

Today I will clean up and get the few loads of laundry done that are from yesterday and today. I will clean up, dust, vacuum, mop, and make dinner early. I then have to work. I NEED QUIET in this house during my work hours. If you come in the house in the early AM please be quiet. I sleep until ten having went to bed at 2AM.

For this to work for us all, this schedule needs to be respected. WE all have to work together. Usually by this time of the month I have scheduled and paid bills. This is not done yet. I am going to do it tomorrow. Please respect the schedule. I am tired. I am sick. I am doing the best I can. A little help from the peanut gallery would be appreciated.

I love you all! PS I need someone to walk dogs this weekend. IVY has cabin fever. <3 She needs an outing!