purple colored items to wear of the homecoming usage

I wasn't going to post a review but changed my mind.
We had decided to get gourmet house the other night. I personally love Chinese food and had been craving some. We don't order take out very often and hadn't had it in a while so it was a special treat for us all.
We ordered sweet and sour chicken for 8.35 which comes with rice and we wanted fried rice so they said it's now an "upcharge" of 1.25 for that.. semi shocking.. but we decided to do it. Same upcharge for the General Tso chicken that we ordered with only white meat chicken and no broccoli. Then we ordered teriyaki chicken on a stick we asked for it to be well done.
Our total bill came to about $30, not a huge amount but along with pizza from papa johns our dinner that night was about $50.
Here is where the problems came in, the sweet and sour chicken was so hard you could break a tooth on it and the smell and look of grease on it was so unappealing that even the kids didn't want it, then the General tso chicken was NOT made with white meat and yes had broccoli in it.. I hate broccoli just saying. Last but not least, the teriyaki chicken didn't seem as though it was cooked thououghly and was slimy..gross right? purple colored items to wear of the homecoming usage
So we call the manager right away, not only can we not understand all of what she's telling us, we asked to bring the stuff back to be remade or just refunded and were told in no uncertain terms that they do not and will never give a refund, and they said they wouldn't remake it ( she wouldn't give a reason why not).
I was pretty shocked to be honest, we hadn't asked for anything unexpected but we're treated as if we as customers didn't matter, that we had specific requests with our food didn't matter.
The restaurant was very dirty, and there were people who "work" there eating behind the counter, in the doorway to the kitchen, basically just spread out all over the place which I thought was unprofessional and gave me instant pause before I even got our food.
We have had gourmet house many times in the past and it was our goto for Chinese food, that is no longer the case.
This experience has left a very bad taste in my mouth, (no pun intended lol) for our family and we won't be going back there.

On a brighter note, got to have five guys for lunch and it was scrumdiliumptious.
The bacon cheeseburger was hot and tasted delicious and of course there were enough of the Cajun fries for everyone to have some as a snack. Definitely a good place for a great burger!