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Well er'body this is how my day started. Woke up, blessed, feeling good about seeing my cancer crew ok.......I will be having lab done, then see Dr....I have NOT had my cup of coffee, which should have been my first clue. Me being me, staying positive. I start having sinus drainage and feeling slightly nauseated. Trying to do the obvious, without any luck.....I pass Paoli, Purcell exits, without water also, nausea not getting any better. In between Goldsby and Riverwind I am behind and on side of semi's. All of a sudden I get a whiff of s**t....realized quickly that I was behind a cattle truck.....started having hot flash...turn up air, really getting nauseated to the point of oh yes, this is not good.....by the time I hit Robinson exit curve, I couldn't take it any longer. I know the Lord was with me cause I was driving with my door open puking. Not just once but four times by the time I came to the light. When I could go, I made it to the gas station to get water, 7-up, and salt vinegar chips....no 7-up.... Lord help Me!.....by this time I was weak, made it to get blood drawn from my port and the blood flowed without any problems, the Lord knew I was done and knows I hate to puke...I took my weak little self on to the Dr. I told Kim, I think I'm sick.......it is funny now cause my thoughts to the cattle truck at the time was not pleasant, but God kept me. Thank God He knows my heart. I made it home after Target and Sprouts......and crashed.......you all have a good laugh and a blessed night! over 50 mature ladies collections for a cocktail party