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Watching C-SPAN which I never watch as they cover the discussion in the House of Commons in Britain. Leftist after leftist got up and trashed our president president Trump. Their language is typical globalist language intended to disparage their political foes by labeling them with every phobia they can possibly imagine and delegitimize their political foes as well. And in this case is President Trump. on sale collections for red carpet

Britain faces a cultural and National crisis in being consumed by Islam. And yet these leftist want to go after what they call right-wing nationalist which are just really patriotik brits.

Every Western country is facing this crisis including ours because Islam is not an ideaology or religion that has any intention of assimilating with our infidel cultures but instead wants to dominate and transform our cultures into Islamic States.

If you're one of those people who thinks that inclusive ism means just open your arms and just let everybody in the planet hold hands and sing We Are the World then you're a fool because the ancient world is one of the strongest survive.

It's only been around a little over 200 years and no nation in history of Nations has accomplished what we've accomplished and it's certainly not because we're a communist Nation or socialist Nation or an Islamic Nation

Every american needs to take stock on who side they're on because there is a culture War waging and the future is ours to win or lose.