long dresses for girls

Be combing her long hair until she falls asleep on
my bosom. Hook her bra before she goes to work and spray her my perfume so she always thinks of me
anytime she sniffs herself
Hide under the bed and pinch her with a needle
to be sleeping while she dresses our kids for
school and prepares breakfast. Picmix and enlarge her baby picture plus picture of her sleeping like a bitch and hang it on my office wall. Stylishly push her out of the bed while sleeping or dreaming
Drag the TV remote with her, Tell her that one woman like that is looking at me in a sexually unhealthy way so they can argue lemme be entertained. To have sex with, press her boobs infact enjoy, Bathe her myself and ask her to close her eyes like a child and hug papa. Engage in a farting competition with her. Wear our club jerseys on our night outings and long dresses for girls
irritate other football clubs
Yell at her that I'm done dressing up when I've
not even applied my lotion
Bribe 4 men or 6 women to tell her this "wow nice
hairstyle, You look so charming. I like your wrist
watch, was it your handsome husband that
bought it for You? Lovely heels . You must be
lucky to have him in your life". ?
Invite her friends over for a sleepover and make
white rice and meat pepper soup for them plus
grabbing a mic to entertain them. Build an empire with her. Be a pastor and she will be my church. Spoil her with bad things and plenty gifts
Travel to places we can't even pronounce with
her. Bring her a bouquet of roses to her office and
leave silly love notes in her bag. Change her Facebook name to, "My husband runs this account, Beware!" Laugh while she makes love to me. Use her toothbrush to brush my teeth while she on. Take her ass on expensive dates and pay for it with my money.
Take her to the groceries and have her push the
trolley and follow me about like mother hen.
Take her to the office once in a while so she sees
how hardworking am i just to carter for the family
Get her a funny lunchbox and force her to carry it
to work Sing 56 songs of praises to her whenever she asks me, "Darling, how do I look in this dress?" Convince her to play football with me. Be sipping juice while she twerks for me
Laugh when she's looking for her makeup, wig,
shoes, car keys.... Bby I hid it, calm down lemme
think if I want to give it back to you. Wake her up at 4am to ask her this, " woman, answer me truthfully before I do something rash,do you still love me? If Yes, why did you bathe last night without me? If no, where do you want to be buried after I strangle You?"