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? Story time ? (Afraid 2 Love)
? Episode 19 ?
She gazed at him, her mouth gape.
“You…you…she actually wanted that?
”He nodded.
“Jeremy is not aware.
If he’d known, he would have forced you to marry him.
”She agreed.
“Yeah. He would. Know what he did today?
He barged into my office.
Pleaded with me to getalong with him all for you.
I bet he’ll do some other crazy things when he hears his mum’s last wish.” She smiled at the thought of Jeremy kneeling, seriously begging her to marry him.
Frowned at the thought of him handcuffing her hand to his, forcing her to marry him.
“I agree with you. Will you marry him?”She never expected that question.
“I had said yesbefore.
But I’m not sure.”“Carry out her last wish. Please.
”“What if its a loveless, unhappy marriage?”“That’s why you’re courting now.
You’ll get to lovehim-”The footsteps of Jeremy could be heard, interrupting Edwin.
He appeared.
He’d had his bath. Dressed in a white cotton shirt and black denim.
Slippers covered his feet.
Purity marvelledat how good he looked. Her eyes roving all over his body.
Her gaze met his.
Those piercing eyes penetrating her soul. She became still. His charming smile overwhelming her more and more.
Butterflies sprang to life in her tummy. Purity, what’s this unfamiliar feeling?
Edwin observed the young children in his presence and smiled to himself.
They were gradually falling for themselves. He was glad. He got on his feet.
“Don’t forget what we talked about. Good night.”Purity watched him leave and muttered ‘good night.’ She was sure he didn’t hear it.
He briefly patted Jeremy on the back before strolling out of the room. Jeremy nodded.
“Hey, can I sit here?” he pointed at the spot his father just vacated.“Yep.”She perceived his masculine scent as he filled the space next to her.
“You’re really fast.
”“Sad that I didn’t give you enough time to talk with my dad?”“Uh, kind of.
Was getting to enjoy our conversation.”“My father’s never boring.
Just like me,” he boasted.She snorted. “Stop dreaming. You’re probably the most boring man I’d ever met. Always fighting with me.”Wow.
He was suddenly interested to know more about the men she’d dated.
“Tell me about the one you liked best.”She tossed her head.
“There’s no one.”“I beg your pardon?”“I actually mean that I’ve never dated.
A romanticdate. Never had one.”He wasn’t going to buy that big, fat lie.
What did she mean that she’d never dated? She was rich, pretty and had the body that men would fight over. Even if she really didn’t go out, there must be at least, one who had been in her life.
This is the twenty-first century. She should come up withanother lie cause he wasn’t gonna buy this one.”“We’re friends.
Tell me the truth,” he pleaded.She laughed. “Why don’t you tell me about you? I’m beginning to bore you. There’s nothing interesting about me.”He grumbled. “No. Do you really mean it?
You’ve never dated? Gone out on a date?
”“Yep.” She crossed her legs, “Tonight was my first.”
she was twisting her fingers.He’d never met anyone like this before. He’d dated and discarded so many women but never came across one like this. He glimpsed at her, then at the 42inches television before him. The T.V. stared back. little white dresses
“You’re, you’re a-”“A virgin,” she calmly said it.
His eyes drifted to he once more. Here was a woman who was so different from other women. She was really a virgin? He’d never met one, evenonce.
Tricia who had been a little bit responsible had lost her virginity at the age of sixteen. Sittingbeside him, a woman who had never dated and atthe age of twenty-five, a virgin. He was intrigued by her.
She was pure. Really pure. At that moment, he vowed to protect her. He’d never let any guy harm her.
He’d marry her as pure as she was- a virgin.“What about kissing?”
he wanted to know more.
Her eyes dropped to the ground. “That was my first.”“Really?” And she was good at it.“Yeah. Weird, right?”“Not at all. Its cool.
Glad I stole that kiss.”She blushed.
“I’m not ashamed of it.”“You shouldn’t. Um, did you actually think of losing your virginity?”“In my head. I don’t see myself getting married.
There’s no one who could take care of me like myparents, especially my father.
I’m feeling dizzy.
Drive me home.”“Its past nine. Sleep over.”