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Good Morning Friends, meez got da pupdate on Willy Bear. Mommy raised his bowls last night to chin level and was able to eat all by himself and boy was he hungry! He still did a little crying, but da screaming ahs stopped so we know all da meds are doing their job. He normally moves around like a bull in a china shop, but he seems to be learning quickly that if he moves beary slowly and gingerly he won't hurt so much. He was even able to put his head down and sniff da floor if he did it slowly. He slept da whole night long, Daddy Bear gave him the meds scheduled in the night and he woke up to take them and went right back to sleep. He went out to potty one time and didn't cry, YAY!! We will keep him very medicated again today, with warm cloths on his neck, and hope the meds continue to keep him comfy. He is still sound asleep, so we don't know yet how he will be when he gets up, we hope much better. Daddy Bear is a little more shaken today and hims eyes leak easily cause he spent da day yesterday being so strong. So it's his turn to take some long naps while Mommy takes over. I am being a beary, beary good girl, giving lotsa love and kisses to my brudder and tending to him if he whimpers. I can't hear much anymore, but I know when he needs me to cuddle wif him, mommy says it must be instinct. Thank you again, thank you all so much for the shares and prayers and love and comforting thoughts, we know all that good stuff coming our ways is helping all of us a lot. We love you! little girl prom dresses <3 <3