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Open Letter to Apple: Don't do this to us Tim! We were fans!

# TimCook My history with apple is long, and like many started nearly 20 years ago in college with my then animator boyfriend who was a complete Apple fanatic. We had a candy colored I-Mac in the house, and it was soon joined by his first I-Pod, which was this big chunky thing that carried music in digital form which at the time was like so high tech. One day a good friend of his got a job working at the Apple store, and we were like "coool." I got my first titanium Macbook Pro when I moved back to China, and since then, I've been gone through many a Macbook. I make music on mine which I do for a living, edit videos, yes even game on it which might be looked down upon by the gaming community.

I spend I would say more time with it daily then anything else in my life including my mattress. In fact, it's my constant companion, and it's role is only slightly diminished by my I-Phone which has become more prominent now as my wallet (in China everything's digital currency), my photo album, source of food, social interactions etc. To say I'm reliant on Apple is completely true. In fact, I even managed to convert my current boyfriend to an Apple person. He went from his HP laptop and google phone to mac everything.

As a member of the creative community, Apple for the last two decades has been a good partner. Their features make sense, their systems were reliable, they ran smoothly and didn't generally crash half way through my creative process. I didn't feel used. I didn't feel abandoned, and I felt heard. I felt that even through it was a big corporate entity, it shared at least a small part of my value system, and it helped me realize that in it's products. A sturdy product, a tool for creativity.

So this being said, I am starting to feel the distinct feel of someone who thought they knew their partner for many years the flaws, the good parts, the sexy, and the ugly and learned to accept and embrace all of it, only to discover that partner was becoming more aloof and moving on without me. My reliance on Apple, my devotion to it's products, is starting to become a burden. As a partner, I'm starting to feel ignored, abandoned, and a little frustrated. Does my partner have a new target, do they even care about me anymore. I mean, why these new updates that crash. What's up with this overpriced laptop that costs so much to have the basic memory I need to run my creative software. Where did the USB port go, the head phone jack, I mean what's the great innovation in things that are smaller bus less compatible.

Why is Apple starting to make all these excuses like a cheating boyfriend in the forums. . . I know you can be water proof with a headphone jack, and frankly, your new ports don't run faster, and I would gladly switch the touch bar for my USB ports back, because now I would need a not so sturdy connect to my musical gear and they fall out of your little tiny holes. My computer now constantly crashes, the newest 11.1 system update on my phone, forced it into crashing every 30 seconds, and when I went to the mac repair, shop, your service personal told me it was my fault for updating the system! What? My fault, it's like a cheating partner blaming the other person for their their cheating. I mean it's your system update that had an in-excusably bug. . . don't I get at least an apology.

But I know Tim, I know why you are like this. The fact is, you don't love us anymore. You know the music makers, the animators, the CGI artists, the film-makers, the designers, architects, the game designers, and people who used your products to make the world a more interesting and entertaining place. Instead, you prefer the kids that want the latest gadgets just because they look cool, cost a lot of money, and has some "obvious" features that they can showboat to their friends. You traded the pros for the hipsters, and we know it. We can feel it with every new Macbook or I-phone release. With every dumbing down, and fancying up of your product, we know you don't love us anymore, and through in forums we might rebel, we are still tied to you in a long long relationship that has started sour.

If you don't turn this around, one day we will give up and frankly, get a divorce. It might seem impossible, but there is a limit to our love. No one can be ignored forever, and frankly Tim, we know you can be better. Maybe new Macbook Pro will have more storage, I mean seriously your system takes up half in the current basic model and do you really think that's acceptable? Maybe you'll have a better alternative to just getting rid of something without a backup plan for "thinness". We don't need an anorexic machine, we need one that works with all our gear. Yeah we hope you keep innovating, we are innovators ourselves and we care that you don't stop innovating. But maybe next time, when you'll keep us in mind when you roll out a new innovation. Because ultimately, hipsters are fickle. They want whats trendy, and being trendy is F---ing exhausting. We creators still need you. The sturdy, fast, reliable. and clever version of you. But if you ignore us much longer, we will look for someone who loves us back. items with lace decorated back to wear of the wedding

Thanks Tim for listening,

From all the Pros.