high low asymmetrical wears

Not looking forward to mixing up this dog food. Made enough to last about 2 months. There is so much that I will have to mix it in a garbage bag (clean and unused of course) to get everything fully mixed. Two pounds of food and one chicken wing a day. Slow and steady to build muscle, not fat. She has bad knees and hips so I'm trying to keep her fat to a minimum. It takes time and lots of elbow grease but I can see a major difference from 2-3 weeks ago. She has more energy, less itching, and her coat is getting soft and fluffy. Not to mention less poop. Before I would put her food down and she would take 2 days to eat one serving. Now she is eating good and gaining weight. She is totally worth it! high low asymmetrical wears

This is what I used for this batch.
10 lbs hamburger
2 lbs mixed veggies
1 container chicken livers
1 package chicken gizzards
4 cans sardines in spring water
1 can pumpkin
2 cups rice
Handful of baby carrots to help clean the grinder.

Beef liver is healthier than chicken liver. I got chicken because the gizzards were cheaper than the beef tripe. I ground the livers, gizzards, and sardines so they would mix up better. The mixed veggies are fine as is. The sardines are added for the fish oil. It helps her coat but won't spoil like just the oil.

Gypsy was 65 lbs when we got her. She is now about 75 lbs. The ideal weight for her would be around 80-85 lbs. To get her to that weight I feed her 2%-3% of her TARGET weight. It's not exact as her activity level and metabolism plays a big part in it. I just watch her weight and increase or decrease her food as needed. It's not as easy as just pouring kibble in a bowl and checking her over once in awhile but I feel better than if she was eating "beef by-product meal" a.k.a. hooves and hide. I wouldn't want to eat that and I feel better knowing my dog won't have to because it's that or starve.