guest wears for wedding party in tea length

The Reaper

Sentence me to death
But wait you already have
Therefore I don't fear the reaper
And when he comes a'knocking on my door I'll be delighted to let him in!
I'll offer him a shot of warm Brandy, Whiskey, Tequila or Gin!
And if there's still enough time perhaps I'll have some wine to help wash away the years that I've suffered! guest wears for wedding party in tea length
Drenched by the rain of the raging pain of so many years of toiling in labor!
I know the reaper means me no harm and in fact he's doing me a favour!
Given life by the soil in which I toil and to the soil shall I return!
My goodness what a relief it will be when my muscles no longer burn!
I'll thirst no more nor be hungry and my heart will no longer yearn!
Oh but don't take this wrong I've enjoyed my life and I'd gladly do it again if I might.
Perhaps if I had enough chances I might finally get everything right!
But then I'd cheat the reaper and that just doesn't seem right!
it's a one sided game anyway and who would I be to cheat fate!
And I don't want to miss the roll call when it come my time to stand at the pearly gate!

Written by
Fred Tunks
All rights reserved