gold cocktail dresses

a fewindia skirts - we had this long exotic rayone india pre princess dress! it was really fancy in rayon rayon. where's that? she trashed it all. the whit shirts an inexpenisve shalwar it has the shalwar pants this tnic top and a scarf polyester. we really cant' recall buyign allt his - we reember it once we saw it. there is aksilky sash belt in the here with gold threatds threads. goes iwth sarongs holds them up. you can make a sash and tie on a sword. india skirts here's 3. pink yellow blue. to keep the crinkle fabric effect you have to do this when youwash them. twist them back up. but she unpacked thelcothes we saw she had the harme pnats fluffed in abox lok oloooking in there carying carried it outthe bed room - we saw she had it open in the bed room they were on the b otto m of this box and we dind't pack them like this! they were all flat we didn't never unfold this stuff-it's all ral neat like it came in the mail. we hoard stuff. hoarding it not mess it up not get it dirty but it was in here stacked in boxes packed. we had so many of hte long kimono's from asia. long kimono's andponchos that cold been shrits. and the skirt top sets rayon from the sarong store- we thought they may be good bras and we bought many in many colors but never treid them on so you get different sizes they had a halters and skirts and they were stacke din a box in tehre and she was in teh box we had got in ith other day llloolking maybe trying to clean but she trasehd all that- wehre is it- she was in there in them boxes it was by the window. they stacked things in the bed room that sevice coorddinator was in our bed room for 3 hours stackign boxes in the back moving things around in circles. you knw we dont want peoeple in our bed room and where is our new underwear which we had bought a ton of from amazon a ton and like ho now the panties we got on it's no elastic it's big it fell down aroundour nknees and the shorts boxer short unerwear held it up only. it's junk and we had bought tons just tons p of panties on amazon and now all our we been wearing's int he laudnry. we had boughttons of new panties it wa sjust unbelievable - we had nomoney and really had no idea hwo we'd get panties! for 3 years it was all stolen from us by our grandotehr who kept it all for herself and bought us nothing and wouldn't let us have $5 or help us to buy anything - she's she would go to store for us- she os would not buy muchthough as far a s a vaccuum no way- you can go on line and she didn't want to get usonline or get a way to buyonline but a vacuum for $12.50 free shippign online! locally they up prices astronimically and make te eveythig real real reale xpenisve. but you can g on oline and buy a vacuum. she wanted us to rent an apartment and not sweep use a boror brooms he said and she stoped paying our bills and rent lastly so we had to not let her be the payee notpaying no bills saying it got paid- we tried it coems back as unpaid when you finangle hone payments to the bankaccoutn or soething but there's not no money to pay for it. however we did it id itdidn't get paid then she maybe paid into turned off accounts whehn it goes off hte accoutn needs a new one for hte electric then she let them keep themoney in them turendoff accoutns- you can transfer it tot he new electricaccoutnw hen you turn elelelectric back on but y ou need hte account. no. we did that she saw themoney in ther ebefoe but we dont got all the account no.'s. u if she did pay into turned off electric accounts it's not gonna work. yo got to pay the one that is on now or turn one on. ifyou bounche bounce hte payemnts checks whatever 3 tims htey s hut off thei electricity and you got to pay it for real. not phone payments. it has to be paid at kmart or something. they knwo kow if you get that far behidn you'll never afford to pay the bill. yes and 3months they didn't pay us here at the offices and htey been saying we're toorich we got too muchmoney and we got nothing. ther's nothign to eat or nothing here we have no money we have n o cleaning things they trashed our clothes our cleaning stuff eveyything they trashed our cleaning rags even the paper towels that we used to clean with and how can you buy ore with out money and we're so far behind with everything- they even trasehd the soap bu - they said our diablity money was lusxurious and excesisive saing we dont needoney. it is had to get foodin the house it's expenisve. andmedicine and everything. we neededa ndw new microwave - disablity people aren't rich how can they be rich just imagine what it is like and add it up - $400 a month income besides the bills then what can you do with it? you need what- is it exorbitant? wiht out no money then what! nomedicine no food money! the foodstmaps was cut djrung this time off for along time then reduced the amont down to nothing again like $85 amonth is all there is for food stamps which is nothing! the last last grocery day the grocereis were $80 and it wasn' tmuchin there! that's the whole grocery bilfor themonth almost and we have nothing. notmuch we got no coke to drinkt hat's for sure. so tell us how it is rich? what about medicine medicien there's not mney for it is ther eno coz there was no money for 3 months but they said we dind't need htemoney! you dont need it you ah have a very luxury lifestyle and others here dont have that even! you get all this money $100 a week it wa suppose to go up to and it was $95 a week till one year only coz it went up when they saw our foodstaps went t down like $20 aonth or something wihtthe state or wth disalbity rather. foodstamps is state and they cut it down reallow of course and tookt hose away. befoe that went up we got $85 a mwe week! it's lurxury in teh extreeme? a microwave? amicrowave and buy furniturewhich yo supose to buy if you rent and soap cloehs- go naked do not wash? no wasing nothing they t hrew out the furniture polish it was new it was expneisve this store down here's high and or grandotehr buys from it they go in that stupid homeland it's and we have always hated homeleand all their sotres are junk the one manager said they they got a small shelf of things. our $85 a week is exorbitant? movin g to a nice new store which we doubt coz al homeland grocey stores are junkylooking with nothing in them and expensive. we do not like homeland. they charge $15 fora can of lysol. justlook their patheitc junk in there. suave / we seen some richpeople saying you on disabilty you poor poor and darn the one guy said our onthly income was his daily expensives es expenses!!! our monthly incme not the $85 or $95 a week that it went up to after the socials ecirty uppped it once they saw our foodstamps got cut way down! well we maybe made i tup guess howed how much we make amonth in disablity but we get what $ 634 or somthign like that. rent, bills and htey hold some back pay themelves and that is not enoughto b get a credit card. $85 a week isn't much they said we dont need themoney and that you dont got to send it or get cut off they just been aing up lies tohold themoney and when she cae in here and sat here looking at hte coptuer she was saying try an orde r so the payee can tell herboss it din'd didn't work toget you a new card. - we already tried it all a million times the cards dont work online they knew that! they never got us a card htey put it off off and that was lieing we said that in here and they did say it and tried to get us to do that again w e dont like doingmroe orders we did it already - it is fake - she was spying on theocmptuer like we thought they may ry to do get alook at it i or something and she did it and she was saying try to ordera thsirt or something- we maybe said that too but we dont need a wal mart or want a wal mart t-shirt. junkclohes! thsirts are rags. they kept saying kept saying you must use allthemoney on the card at once i or it wipes all themoney off hte card so we had to get much on tehre she said do one fast we dind t listen coz htey had told us it wipes all your money of if you dont use it all at once- wedidnt want htemoney to get wiped off he card. she left finallysaying we weren't listening. now the cr carddont work onlie they sid that the card palce said that we have tied it all alreayd we knew it n ot work but we was trying to do maybe another kinda order- they can't go to the ATM in NY and enter it manually and the get themoney probably- yo need ht card. ou you can try things to get the card going - they may work a checking card manually but maybe not. checking debit card. most are debit credit system cards. we said that hten they can tell tehir boss ans and she said try it so we can say we tried it and tell her boss and get you anew kinda card. it's street theater and when we said that it wasnt true. they got no reason to try to he card to tell anyone anything. sho that it dont work- there is no reason for that at all. we had reid it many times on all the webistes the card dont work it can't work. but you can try to finangle a way to get it working on creating apayment method. it's street theater. but how are we exorbitantly rich? they jsut trashed all our cltoehs- it is obs obviosly we got nothing! we got nothing where's the lcothes. it was just cove rup's but it wa sour clthes. we dont want wal mrt clhes wal mart is junk. we are sick of the junk clohes. it is just garbage. we found 2 pairs of boxing hsots in adrawer in tehre but hem black shorts isn't in ther eand the pink ocr cover up danskin top it was like parachue fabric sily islly kinda see thru it' s a tunic iwt it was nice and new of course we had tons tns of danskin stuff where is it. we foudn the one dress from there but we probably had m 2 of htemmaybe. theshirt she had it in a box we seen i her with it in there she had the lids off hte boxes goign thru things she had lids off we saw the shirt. just trashing all the cloehs. we had lots mroe hats surely them little hat things just buying small items from tehmstores. not higher stuff right we had a paye so we dont know how much money was ther there we jsut got litle bit each month and they didn't like it for sure. little hats andscarves. they sell someclthes maybe too but it's high so you dont know it fits or not now we had some skirts from thailand! couel tops to match maybe purses the camel purpse with tassels and coin purse and billfodl too 3 to go togehter from turkey. had that in a box. so wejust hoard till we fiure gi fiureit's junkwe dont liek it then we'd wear the tuff. it dont seem so great now all of it - you can wear it- befoe they told us cloehs ar are to wear. the our grandmoher told us that but they should not have got usmore than we can wear if htey anted us to wear out clohes coz we had clothes that were too big that we gew into and coudla wore to school. they started the hoarding crisis. then peoe; give you hand me downs and htey your parents give htem to you they give them to them and they tell you to get some of it to wear aroudn the hosue for bumaround lcothes on the weekneds! liek we are so poor we have to wear people s old dirty cltoehs! we don tlike obys pants htey dont fit righ at all! they hav big top leg parts and the front bags out on them and the hips are real tight! the waist is big bigger but tight probably, too of couse- the hips on tehm are real tight coz obvilsy obvosly boy have smallhips we had some boys pants though and they were long wearing them and they had his e initials on theme ven! isn't that great1 kicker stuff and that is not us! not redneck stuff. no it' snot you it's not your cltoehs. it's handme downs. we didn't need it surely. but it got hoarded up and we wold hoard this junk and not even wear it at home when we could to be warm wht when there wa no heat an freezing in teh winter you can layer the junk cheap stuff and just keep warm but we'd wear one shirt of this junk and sit there in a ball trying to cover up freezing an ballign up so long actually injured our knees. hoarding it's hoarding. it was free and it's junk and we wouldnt h even layerit in thoe house in the freezing cold. we finally got mad and began to shred hte lcothes which isa good idea! shred them and if you house that bad and no fodo food maybe you ought to tour the homeelss shelter but we were too ill to walk to gt there not know where things is but we coldn't get out and walk. homeless people went by ou house dialy. they got food for em clheos too but it's just hand me downs doanted- needed to give that junk they gave us to the homeless people. keep it in oujr house hoarding heir their old worn out loehs! just adds to hoarding coz htey get new stuff and this hand me downs and our stuff that we had from where we used to live and add it alltogether you not wearing your clothes and never wear the schoollcohes but to school and the weird handme downs- we jus wore whatever weekends- people give you junk. the lcothes are hoarded not worn and it's kinda weird- wh knows! we were haoling clothes off in leaf bags. once a year after graduating or it wa fake they let you choose if you graduate or not - bad schools here! amaybe they all do that wh knows. but ayear later we went insane and threw all the clohes in a big pile in the middle of hte bed room and our grandmther said she wasn't buying us any more lcohes. she said she didnt know we had that much clohes. and that she wasn't buying any more - we werelike what? coz all we did was buy clteohs. and she said in all the drawers and the closet and the toy box clhes in there she didn tknow it was hat much. the pile of cltohes was almsot as tall as us in the middle of he bed room floor. we're just under 5' tall - quite a bi t under 5' tall and the clothes pile was little less than us. but th'as kinda big. who knows! they bought it all the stuf and alot of it was junk- it's all junk! people give you things and you just hoard it all - needs got rid of! there's not no omm common sense in clohes buying- e had no night gowns! need anight gown! duh but it is not buying theng thign s you need i's just buying out in stores -not coz you need it and say oh we need to get soethign to replace this shit that got wore out-the worn out shirts in there with the rest of it you never had the chance chance to look ati ti to wear it or findlctohs and neven evne see it was worn out and it becomes your special shit and i f you put it on you expect it to be exciting occasion and it isn't. it is not it is boring! gold cocktail dresses