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Dxn Ganozhi Toothpaste
Contains no artificial colors or sweetener, however comes with Ganoderma Extract of the highest quality food, gel, menthol and a unique taste.
Can clean their teeth to have a fresh breath and a great taste in his mouth. It also makes your teeth healthier and shiny.
He has all the natural ingredients, no fluoride, aluminum, Aspartame (Nutrasweet), potassium nitrate. Gel Contains Ganoderma, vegetable, Menthol, Peppermint Oil and water. flowy ethereal bridesmaid outfits of chiffon
Besides the toothpaste ganozhi serves to ease the pain in the muscles, the throat, chest, etc.
The Ganozhi Toothpaste can also be used on insect bites. Is specially formulated with Ganoderma Extract to effectively maintain your oral hygiene.
The pain in your teeth.
Avoid the bleeding gums.
It's anti-cavity.
Good for the sensitivity in the teeth.
It relieves the ulcers in my mouth.
It is also used for:
Pimples and infections on the skin.
Stretch marks.
Stomach pain.
Athlete's foot.
Facial Masks.
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