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Confessions Of Katlego
Episode 7

That morning Kate turned heads with a mini skirt and her new hair cut.Grasshoper e ntsha,ah she luked even more pretty with make up on. Every1 wanted 2 say hi to her nd she jus waved without a word. When she got to her class all eyes were on her.
She found Letty sobbing nd hugged her"Friend why u cryin?"She asked
Letty dried her eyes thn said" kago dumped me...he said he got a new chick."
Kate was gettin more angrier... She comforted Letty sayin Kago was a gud 4 nothing dog hu neva deserved her.Thy ended up cryin 2gether cause she 2 was stressed by Kaone's news.
They went 4 assembly nd jus as th assembly got dismised Kate found Tshephi behind her with clenched firsts. "How many tyms must i tel u 2 stay away 4rm those i date?" Kate felt hot tears streamin down nd asked "Hu?"Tshephi held her by th tie almost chokin her nd said"Mr Khef is mine so stay away bitch." then she pushed Kate.Kate got to her class shaking nd sweatin,dikeledi di kopane fela le mamina.She took her bagpack nd folio.
1st period d&t.
She hurried 2 the d&t nd got 1st to find Mr khefs alone. Whn he saw his legs a kukega nd the hair cut was a killer.But her 2day she was ready 2 kill.B4 he got a chance to say anithin Kate slapped him across the face nd said"Dont u eva dare mix me with dirty bitches..."Mr Khef was even startled to say a word as he watched Kate sitting down.He thn went to her nd yanked her of the chair saying "Whu th hel du u think u are?" furiously
Kate luked into his eyes nd said "let go of my collar u pervet." thru clenched teeth.Mr Khef said"Du u have any idea how old am i,am older than u lil slut."
Kate chuckled thn said"U 4got u were older ha o mpagame,this slut is the 1 tht fucked u th best in a way u neva been fucked.Sies ga o swabe o ja fa Molf a jelen teng."Mr Khef was lost 4 words so he grabed her nd kissed her, Kate pushed him awae but he pushed her agains th wall nd held both her hands as he kised him. Kate left her tears down as she kised him back. Kaone nd Tebogo walked in 2 find them kissing.
Kate pushed Mr Khef away gentle whn she saw Kaone.Kaone nd Tebogo jus luked at thm not knowin wht 2 say.Mr Khef went 2 his sit nd Kate dragged herself 2 th nxt chair shakin lyk a leaf on a windy day.Othr students arrived 2 and Kaone nd Tebogo sat down. Kate was so tense nd quite,she knew Kaone wil neva kip quite bout it. Mr Khef cud'nt teach 2 so he gave them a class test nd went awae. Kaone a sala a mothasela ka dipotso "So u dating him?" She asked. first communion flower girl collections
Kate breathed heavly then said "Yes we are." Kaone laughed thn asked"So how can u face him in class after a nyt spent 2gether?" Kate jus smilled a lil nd said"Pliz dont tel ani1 bout this."Kaone luked @ her thn said"Its ok,i wil neva du tht." Kate got reliefed she didnt mind Tebogo,guys neva talked much bout girls issues.Mr Khef came back a few minutes b4 break nd dismised the class.Kate remained behind then said"I dealt with thm."
Mr Khef luked at her nd said"If u neva pulled a stunt lyk tht none of this wud'nt have happened."Kate jus stared at him nd left.

To Be Continued...