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So I got a 1 star review on Yelp from a bride because the dress she wanted was a model example and we can't sell it and I Told her about it! Our bridal dresses takes 5 months to arrive and she's getting married in March that's 3 months from now. She insisted and I told her, I'll see what I can do and I talked to the store manager if she's willing to sell her the dress and said No. So she writes a bad review saying she's disappointed and misled. disney princess ball collections wedding collections

I'm just shocked how people are so petty and entitle that they feel the need to bring others down just because they don't get their way.

This bride is getting married for the second time (good luck!) She's has a princess complex and if this is her second wedding, why are you doing Everything last minute? Why is it that you don't have a venue/reception? A dress? You should know the drill by now? Is not like you're a first time bride who doesn't know anything.

The one thing for sure.... I think it's going to happen is that I'm most likely to get fired!