detachable cap sleeves for wedding dress

Alia Bhatt’s style graph is a smooth curve upwards. She’s so effortless in the way she dresses and her personal style is a perfect balance between classic and refreshing. Being a fashion inspiration to many, Alia has a perfect ten on ten style.

Only yesterday she was spotted dressed as the perfect bridesmaid for a best friend’s wedding in a gorgeous green and yellow Raw Mango lehenga and before you could let that beauty sink in, she walks out in another gorgeous outfit.

Wearing a fuchsia strapless dress, Alia looked nothing short of a princess . As we have already said, Alia kept a balance between her classy blush make-up and her semi boho dress to the T. Accessorising with a pop of colour, an emerald clutch, seems like a good choice for the outfit. detachable cap sleeves for wedding dress

So, take inspiration from the pictures below and start the outfit hunt now.