cocktail party garment suitable for ladies

Ladies in Red - Act 1

“If You want a man to notice you, just wear red lipstick” – Monica Bellucci

"When in doubt wear red!" - Bill Blass

"Imagine a beautiful woman with rosy red lips wearing a red velvet gown stands close in front of a vanity mirror while holding a glass of red wine in her left hand and then her right arm is raised up above her head, what do you see with your eyes? I see a beautiful woman wearing a red sequin gown looking in the mirror at close range of herself while holding a glass of red wine as to admire herself in her beauty. The woman is certainly a beautiful woman with a curvy and firm body with her hair swept clear of her forehead before draping gown to her shoulders. As the woman is in a hotel room vacationing with her husband celebrating their fifth years wedding anniversary. While her husband went down to the lobby to take care of things as the woman is still doing her makeup, the woman is supposed to meet up with her husband down in the lobby when she is done with her makeup and dressing. And it is an important date for the couple especially during the second and the third years they were separated for an extended period of times because of job requirements and eventually they worked it out and made the marriage works until this date. What the man and the woman think is that they are going to make it for the tenth year anniversary. With her makeup down and the red sequin gown on, the woman is looking at herself in the mirror. With the red gown and the rosy red lips, she thinks her husband is going to notice and love it. And they are going to go out for a nice dinner and then a show in town to round out the night. Since her husband has opened up a bottle of wine in the hotel suite earlier, and her glass of wine is still half full, so she picks it up and walks to the bathroom to do her final check before going down to the lobby to meet with her husband. As the woman is looking in the mirror at herself, suddenly she remembers she read that for the fifth anniversary, the stone for a fifth year anniversary is the sapphire, and then a wooden gift is said to be given on this date also. While touching her ruby red lips, she is wondering if her husband does realize that as she is going to find out for herself in the evening ahead... And that's what I see in that's woman's dress!" - Phillip Lo cocktail party garment suitable for ladies