cocktail items suitable for baby mother

So my first round of chemotherapy is done, & I started my 2nd round yesterday, here are some things that I have learned:
You become super dry. I mean like, Sahara desert dry. I live in a climate that has 9% humidity, and we haven't had rain since August, and I am drier than that. My skin sucks up lotion faster than an old car sucks gas. Between chemo and my job, my hands are cracked and raw. Aquaphor has become my bestie right now.

I drink water by the gallon. I have grown to tolerate it. Still drink a diet coke, but water is way more hydrating. Took me YEARS, and a cancer diagnosis to figure that out! My kidneys & bladder function very well!

On my specific chemotherapy, they say I won't lose my hair. Thinning, yes, complete loss, no. I thank my parents for my thick &wavy hair now. It has thinned, but not too bad. My eyebrows and lashes are another story. I credit Ulta brow stencils and I have become pretty good at it, and Rodan &Fields lash boost for keeping what lashes I have. My daughter in law and I started using it months ago to get long, thick lashes, and it really does work. Now, I use it to retain what I have. I truly believe it has helped me keep what I have left. Thank God because I'm not good at false ones.

Because my chemo is slow & not super harsh, my side effects are slow to come up. It slowly killed my taste buds. At first, things tasted funny, now, there's nothing. I can taste temperature and texture. Flavor? Nothing. Nada. I can literally gargle with Listerine forever and it doesn't even burn my mouth. Now's the time for me to eat things that I hate, like fish, because I won't know any different. There is no real desire to eat, even though my stomach growls for food. I might be able to shed the 14lbs that I've gained since my surgery at this rate. Don't get me wrong, I still eat, but it doesn't really matter to me. I have to "remember " what things taste like to get through it, & that's too much work. cocktail items suitable for baby mother

I haven't shaved my legs or armpits in 2 months!!!! If that's the hair loss my Dr's were talking about, I love it! Smooth as a baby's butt! My showers are quicker now, which saves $$ on the water bill, which in turn, makes my man happy.

I am a firm believer that western medicine and natural remedies need to work together. No one way is perfect. Since they are putting chemicals in to kill the cells, I'm trying to do the natural route to get me through the side effects. Peppermint and ginger helpthe nausea, tumeric for my joint health, and CBD oil to get thru the treatment. Superfoods like carrots, kale, spinach, blueberries, citrus, grapes and whatnot to keep the colon going, has helped. I still am not a fan of salads, but I'm coming around. I'm a carnivore, not a rabbit. And I'm NOT doing a coffee enema, like some have suggested. Eww!

All in all, I'm positive throughout this journey. It's all temporary, and it's better than the alternative. I'm watched over by my mom and dad, and my faith in God will get me over this mountain. This is the 3rd time that I have flirted with death, and I am still here. By His grace I am here, and I thank Him everyday.

My friends: you all have supported me through this, and I am completely humbled by it all. Thank you for words and encouragement.

My clients have been awesome! You are what makes my job, not a job. I'm coming in to do my friend's hair, and visit. You have been patient, and respectful when I have to rearrange my schedule. I cannot be more blessed to have you all.
To my kids, my babies: .you all are my reasons for living. We joke around about my "poop cancer", but that has what kept me laughing and getting through this. You are my world, and whether you want to admit it or not, you still need me. Plus, I want grandkids! I'm not going anywhere.

Last but not least, my amazingly perfect man. You have been there with me through appointments and treatments. You are my rock when I throw my bitch fit, or when I cry because this is too much to bear. You have given me exactly what I needed when I don't know what I wanted. We have only had 6 years together, and I want many more. Even if you don't wanna marry me and make me a respectable woman, I will keep you forever. I love you so's to at least 30 more years in sin.....shacking get the point.