casual items to wear of the wedding for the second time

Sitting here thinking about things . I was thinking about positions and titles in life. We've all meet those people who hold positions that shouldn't be allowed to potty alone lol. Doctors who have no bed side manner, they treat you like poo, like your a peace of meat and they could care less, They make you feel like a bother. Then their are some Nurses that do the same. Teachers and Principles that should have never had children much less be responsible for other peoples children. We have good and bad people in this world in every level of society. How we deal with them speaks volumes about who we are not them. A kind word turns away wrath and I try to practice this. I just want to be what I want to see in others. One good Nurse or Doctor can't make up for 20 bad ones. Lets always try to do our best at what ever we do and always try to put your self in others shoes. Like what if that were my Family member, My child or me. We need to remember what goes around comes around, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, just sharing a thought. Amen have a great day God Bless casual items to wear of the wedding for the second time