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Well I figure it is about time to make this Facebook official. Since before I graduated from DPT school at UND I have been planning how I was going to start a private practice and over the course of that time I had often discussed these plans with a good friend Mark Laraway . Well as luck would have it, on November 15th Mark and I bought an already existing almost 6,000 square foot gym in North Fargo with the intent of creating a combination physical therapy and fitness facility. The gym/PT clinic is called Total Balance Physical Therapy and Fitness and we have a vision to bridge the gap between rehabilitation and wellness. No private practice clinic in the Fargo/Moorhead area currently provides an environment suitable to offer these combined services. We believe that the combination of access to therapy services and wellness under one roof will set our clinic apart from the rest. We firmly believe that the human body is inherently strong, robust and adaptable and that it is our job as physical therapists to make people feel that way again. Tea-length mother of the groom and bride dresses look vintage

I would love for all of you to "like" our facebook page and check out our website https://www.tbfargo.com/ The website is a work in progress but you can get a general gist of what we offer. We have an amazing staff at Total Balance with some of the most experienced group fitness instructors in the FM area. The facility has over 40 group fitness classes each week and I would say it is the best value of all gyms in the FM area for the amount of group classes we offer. This is your one stop shop for all things fitness and rehab. We would love for you all to swing by for a tour or just to stop in and say hi.

We are members of the heartland healthcare network and accept all major insurances. One of the biggest components of becoming in-network with insurances is taking the time and energy to fill out all the required forms and I couldn't have completed this process without my wonderful wife Aubrey Johnson . For the past 3 months several nights each week she would sit with me and figure out how to make this business a reality. From designing a logo, choosing a name, filling out forms, designing a website, or pushing me to stay focused she has been just as integral as myself or Mark in making this dream a reality.

Thank you for taking the time to read this long post. If any wants to reach out to us over any medium (phone, email, text, fax, FB message, snail mail, Morse code, or sign language) we would be happy to discuss what we have to offer you as well as the whole FM area. Let us know what we can do to serve you.

Total Balance Physical Therapy and Fitness Total Balance is north Fargo's all-in-one co-ed fitness & nutrition center. We have a small, inviting environment and offer over 40 classes per week