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ladies knw ur worth stop disgracing womanhood..
Ordinary boyfriend oh, not even husband!
He will have sex with you anytime and anywhere he likes
He will drink tramadol 1000mg mixed with alcohol for extra strength to turn you up and down on his cheap mouka foam.
He won't use any protection because he wants to enjoy the whole 3D pleasure.
If you say you love me prove it, how do I prove it?? Give it to me skin to skin after all other people are doing it
You'll still Goan use your hard earned money to buy postinor100 31 times in a month and be licking it like vitamin C
You'll be borrowing him your hard earned money knowing fully well he will never refund it.
You'll give him your salary, tithes and even your pension
You'll be worshiping his mother like a Demi god because without her approval you won't marry her belovedth son.
Dating a baby that can't even make up his mind and stand by it
But when it comes to asking for sex he won't go and worship your mother to get her approval
You'll just open the gate for him to enter like it's one mtn customer care
Aunty sim registration officer idewooo
Even you can't make a decision and stand by it
You will Coman be fighting your fellow girl over him n he will be looking cos aunty it's not just you. You are not his pride DressAfford latest joy dress collections for prom party
Aunty remember you two are not married n tomorrow he will leave you and you will be shouting MEN ARE WICKED
Mba you are senseless

Worst come to worst he will be beating you,
Men are not wicked and men are not the same
You simply attract your kind of man