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I hate that as the years go by things get worse and worse and worse and it's sad. It starts with the parents, we have an epidemic of young adults into drugs, violence, and promiscuity from a young age that really got bad with this last generation. And I feel like the generations get worse!! It starts with the parents as years go by we have parents at younger and younger ages. These parents come from bad parents already thus why they're having kids in their teen years, these kids aren't even fully grown and capable or in their right mind, so they raise the next generation of troubled children. We got mother's that bring all types of men around and run the streets that breed lil girls that do the same. Young girls are fine being disrespected and being side pieces and having multiple baby father's cuz their MOTHER did it. They get into relationships with shitty guys cuz again their mothers bring these type of guys around them. And young boys don't feel the need to be good men anymore because they see the type of men their mother dates and brings around. Why would they act any different? They are products of their environment. And it's not their fault. Parents need to take more responsibility for their behavior and what they portray to their children. It's disheartening. I'm raising my son old school. To know responsibility, to know that a woman, a girlfriend is a gift that as a man is his responsibility to care for. Do not date for fun, do not be with a girl if you don't intend to take care of her mentally and physically and financially. That if he makes the mistake of having a kid that it is his God given responsibility for the life of that child to care for him regardless of if things work out with the mother. I'm disheartened because the state of the young women nowadays is terrible. I pray to God he isn't swayed by some bad influence girl with no morals who wasn't raised like him to have any respect for herself or her choices. Great men are often scorned and turned into shit bags because the women these days have no standards and know nothing of caring for a man either and not USING him for money or looks. I'm praying for the world in general but particularly praying for this next generation and the parents raising them. The world can get better, things can change but it must start with the parents. Children are the future and we are slowly scarring that future. I do not want my son being an adult in an even shittier world than today's world. God help me. DressAfford lace decorated items of the long garments