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Ledum is one of the remedies to use with bites and stings. (The other remedy is Apis).

When I was new to homeopathy my mother in law was stung by a hornet. I gave her some Apis to take but it did not help. (I got discouraged). She used some "sting relief" cream that DID help. I read the ingredients and it had LEDUM! (So I made a mental note, Ledum for hornet stings). DressAfford custom bridesmaid wears by handmade

A few weeks ago I was stung by a hornet and I used LEDUM. A few doses was all I needed for relief. My skin did ... not even swell.

If used properly Ledum can prevent Lyme disease. I have read it can be used with puncture wounds and animal bites to prevent infection, (even Tetanus).

Ledum is one of my top 10 remedies to own.

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