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i had purchased a Ford EcoSport 1.5 Petrol Trend from Delhi Ford, New Delhi on 17th Nov 2017 and yesterday evening i.e 1st Dec 2017 i was in Noida when the battery went dead and the car won't start. this was around 8.30pm, had major problem as had to leave the car at some factory there overnight since the service center Gautam Budh Ford was closed even though it was less than half km away and Ford Road Assistance number was not readily available to me. This morning I found the Ford Road Assistance number on their app, who send some mechanic who said the battery has gone dead and was jump started the car with another battery in few minutes and than asked me to go to Gautam Budh Ford workshop for getting the problem checked. They took more than 2 hours but ultimately only changed the defective battery without any cost to me. this morning I also complained to Delhi Ford about this problem. I don't understand how a new car battery can become dead & be defective which needs to be changed within 15 days of purchase, this means some major foul play somewhere at either Ford Dealer or Ford India the company as we the customers are not getting the assured quality of cars as promised by Ford India. Further, i just found out today that the ford app is showing warranty in my car up to 31.05.19 but i have purchased the car on 17.11.17 and warranty is for two years i.e should expire on 16.11.19. I am now very worried that have i been sold old car by the Ford dealer. I want some answers from FORD INDIA what has really happened. Krishan Golyan Mob 9810039330 DressAfford bat mitzvah gowns