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How to Fast and What to Expect When Fasting

Matthew 9:15
Jesus answered, "How can the guests of the bridegroom mourn while he is with them? The time will come when the bridegroom will be taken from them; then they will fast."

I thought it would be helpful to some if I put together a sort of "cheat sheet" when it comes to fasting. I know I've written about fasting a few times but I do understand that everyone isn't necessarily familiar with the process, or they may be new to the concept of fasting altogether and they're looking for some tips on how to get started...I hope this helps someone today!

When one is first starting out with fasting I usually advise them, from my own personal experience, to build themselves up, build a tolerance so to speak... I started out fasting by no food and only water...how many days someone chooses to fast will gradually increase as they fast more frequently; the Spirit will begin to take you deeper and deeper, in this case, I mean you will be compelled to fast for longer amounts of time. Maybe try a day or two, whichever you're most comfortable with, and only drink water; be sure to pray , worship, meditate on the Lord, or read your Bible during your fast, as it's good to nourish yourself spiritually while fasting to keep you going, because it can get rough, especially in the beginning.

When you make it through your first day or so then the next time you try to fast you should increase it another day if you can or maybe another half a day if it's difficult. What's most important is to always be striving to go further into the Spirit. Lastly, when you fast you want to make sure that you keep it to yourself as much as possible because your Father will see you doing it in secret and reward you outwardly. You don't want to be like the Saduccees who broadcasted their fasting to the world to be seen of men and they received no reward because of it. The three day fast is a good fast to complete because after doing this your spirit will really respond and things will really begin to accelerate.

Alright, I think the tips listed above cover the "do's" for fasting, the following would be the pertinent "do not's" that could hinder the progress you make. The things I would encourage everyone to stay away from during your fast are sex, lewd language, secular music and tv as much as you can, because there's really not much of substance there anyway. Most tv shows nowadays are filled with so much sinful language, many demonic symbols and concepts, and I've found it better to avoid it altogether, lest we find ourselves entertained by the evils of this world.

From my personal experience I've come to realize that narcotics of any kind- percocets, morphine, pain killers, anything like that which affects brain chemistry will completely destroy your progress as they are portals for the demonic. I think I mentioned once before in a post that I had a kidney stone once after having fasted and I was attacked spiritually and could literally feel the demon pulling at me, it was so powerful. My thoughts became very dark and my mind was filled with dark images also. Bad stuff! After that I realized all the progress I had made was gone and I had to start over; these drugs are the equivalent to someone with the Holy Spirit doing crack cocaine just to give you an idea of how it should be stigmatized. Dress Affordable silver and grey wears for prom party

During the fast, smiles may be few and far in between due to inevitable crankiness, irritability or frustration (as a byproduct of hunger).. As the frequency of your fasts increase, generally you're able to stave off the irritability for longer amounts of time..You may not want to converse much or you may not be so receptive to joking or humor, but try to be as pleasant as you are capable of. Try your best to look normal when you fast; basically, don't exaggerate your fatigue. As purity and modesty is required of us anyway, it should extend to the way we dress as well; just a tip more so regarding our outward expression in relation to us representing God at all times.

Most importantly, stay away from sin during the entirety of the fast especially. Also when you stop fasting do not sin for this can set you back... But if you do sin remember to repent asking Jesus to cleanse you that the defiled spirit can be revived again. Afterwards, meaning after your fast, if you drink alcohol you should try as hard as you can to stop drinking it immediately if you can this too can defile the Spirit of God. If you think about it there is no reason to drink, for it is better to get drunk off the Spirit any day never quenching the desire for it!

When you get done fasting your senses will be heightened because you have deprived your body of food. So your taste buds will be operating in overdrive; sweet things will taste ten times sweeter and this goes for all flavors. You'll feel like Wolverine (x-men) afterwards in the sense that you'll be able to smell everything! Additionally, you will feel like you can eat a horse but you will not be capable! So don't bite off more than you can chew :) The longer you fast the less food your stomach can take when you stop your fast. The best food is truly something light like a salad to warm your stomach up and get it back running regularly. When you get better at fasting you can then move to no food no water, which is very difficult. Of course these types of fasts will make you very thirsty. When you eventually stop fasting your best choice of drinks will be water and gatorade.

For future attempts at fasting, eventually the Spirit will let you know when it is time to fast again. After awhile it may feel like you are fasting all the time, but this is a good thing! Keep pushing and you will receive a just reward. I hope this was as thorough as I've intended, and that any questions that some of you all might have had were answered. Feel free to comment with any thoughts or questions that weren't addressed...May the Spirit of the Lord push us all into holiness that we might do those things that are pleasing unto our Father! God bless you all, in Jesus' name.