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Memories cut deep into my skin,, the aching of an hourglass,, as it cracks and pours out our moments into the trails of my wondering mind... bringing to remembrance, glimpses - moments when time stood still,, at the edge of a cliff , ready to fall, like an ellipse and the end of a sentence,,

I stood in awe of you, a future for me and you,, made me believe in that one out of a million,, a thousand years will pass before I treasure in the likeness of what I found in you,,,,

To make us think about whats left unsaid, the empty space around me,,you were written in my inner being,, I loved you ,, I stand at the places where you were here with me,,, that such a precious soul could gently touch these jagged edges, gracefully you soothed the madness of such a frail mind,, you were kind, so warm, you were loving... and I fell in love with every part of you,, from the way I was first captured by your smile and the way your touch gently stopped the bleeding of a heart that was oozing from the pain it held, shattered shards of what I once called love... Dress Affordable long floor-length formal collection in black

You were an open book and I fell in love with its contents,, the more I discovered you,, the more my fingers traced the braile of what you have written in its pages,, the ways you let me see,, who you were,,, I found the deepest treasure,, I found in you ,,,what I have always been searching for...

Our conversations captivated me, the things you spoke about and the way that you said them,, I let you feel blood flow through my veins,, flesh and blood,,that I too can feel pain, that I too can feel love,,,,I am the work of the hands of the master craftsman,, I saw you as the work of his Holy hands...

A masterpiece,,, his hands have intricately woven,, designed to the very last detail,, to the very hairs of your head are all numbered and the days you are still to live he has already planned if we would only walk in his will,,,

I loved you with every fiber of my being,, A fire for you ran wild inside of me,, you calmed my raging waves of sea,, crashing of water - crashed into its shores and I couldn't help but notice,, the harder I fell,, a love within came to life,,, , ,, you broke down my fortress, and you were perfect in my eyes,, I trusted you enough to let you see whats inside,,

A thousand thoughts captured in a single echo,, butterfly effect,,, you were my hurricane,,,