Dress Affordable formal wears for mature women over 40/50

Tangle our children with falsehoods, due to traditions, but then they spend a large amount of their adult life untangling our tangles. We tell them santa clause is gonna come down the chimney and leave them gifts if they are good, a fairy will fly into their window at night and put money under their pillow when they lose teeth. We began the lies and expect society to be truthful. Some traditions are much like chains that need to be broken. Dress Affordable formal wears for mature women over 40/50

The Christmas Holiday is approaching there will be children that have been "good" all year waiting for a fat white guy to somehow magically enter their homes even those without chimneys and when there are no gifts nor tree to put them under what will be said? I stopped buying gifts a few years ago, now I make sentiments like books crafts or whatever is on my heart. Stop feeding the corporation that is starving you.
I love family, Christmas music, faces we don't see often, mistletoes, good food, aunt Jennifer Jones-Everett pound cakes. Simply the love no money can buy that, nor is there any better gift to give.
Please don't stress about those ps4s, jordans, iPhones, jewels, simply love.
Merry LuLu to all and to all a good night