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Physical aches and discomforts are the worst part of life in my opinion. I can handle mental agony, but when it gets to be physical, I'm a baby. As I get older, I discover new ways to hurt. For example, when I bend over, I get an annoying cramp in my abdomen that I have to work out by arching my back.

It's so ridiculous, I try to laugh about it as I'm staring at the ceiling, back arched, and waiting for the cramp to subside. I also get leg cramps at night that hurt so much I have to cry out. At first my daughter ran into my room to make sure I was okay. But after a while, my family stopped trying to help because there's nothing they can do. So they hear me howl and go back to sleep.

I also deal with achy joints, especially my left ankle. My entire left leg is a mess after a bulging disc affected my sciatic nerve, which still tingles and annoys me at times.

I understand how people can become addicted to pain medication because it's so hard to be productive and happy when you're hurting. Fortunately, God created many natural remedies that can limit your need for prescription meds. It makes sense to start with something natural.

For achy joints, I reach for lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary, peppermint or Frankincense. Young Living also makes Cool Azul pain relief cream, which I keep by my bed because it works.

Basil is a natural muscle relaxer. Wintergreen is similar to aspirin. Menstrual discomfort can be eased with clary sage, geranium, lavender or rose applied topically over the ovaries. Peppermint is good for pain due to cramps and swelling. Thyme suppresses stiffness and swelling.

Lavender is good for skin pain. I always have lavender on hand for a burn. For me, it works instantly. Head discomfort can be eased with a blend of lavender and peppermint or Frankincense applied topically. I also diffuse oils for any discomfort in my head to increase the relief. If the pain is bad, you can apply topically every two hours, but give yourself a break. Most situations recommend applying topically every four hours. Dress Affordable bohemian style gowns for formal party show

Ear pain can be relieved with melaleuca, lavender and basil mixed together and rubbed directly behind the ear. Putting essential oils in the ear is frowned on by most, but others say one drop doesn't hurt. You'll discover differing opinions about how to use oils, even among doctors.

Essential oils can be taken internally for aches and discomfort, but only oils that are made by a company whose intent is to produce pure, safe internal oils. Marjoram, Frankincense and oregano can be put into a capsule with some coconut oil and taken a few times a day.

To avoid using the same oil continually, and possibly developing a sensitization, mix up your options by using wintergreen and peppermint during the day, then lavender, basil and thyme at night. Always dilute your oils with a carrier oil. Coconut is my favorite carrier for essential oils applied topically.

Essential oils should be in every home because they do amazing things without the annoying side effects of prescription drugs. Don't be afraid of what God gave us to use as medicine. He knew our lives would be painful, so he provided comfort through the oils of plants. Click on the link below to learn more