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About a month ago we took London to the vet. At the time, the initial test looked like he was in the beginning stages of kidney failure. We took him back about a week later and the blood tests showed his numbers were better, but reviewed what the vet suspected he might have but couldn't tell because of the other issues. London has a rare disease called Addison's disease. The basic is that his adrenal gland which produces different types of coritsol was not working. It does present as kidney failure and has most likely done some damage there as well. For the past month or so, London has been going to vet almost weekly for shots and meds. This weekend was not a good weekend for London dispite all the meds. Doug and I took him back for his check up and were not expecting to bring him home. His last blood test showed that his BUN (has to do with his kidney function) was at a critical level (over 100) and he was having some issues peeing outside the litterbox and it didn't look or smell 'normal'. We went to the vet in a very stressed mood, but was fortunate to have better news. London's BUN was down to 80, still dangerously high but much better! Since the antibiotic we've been giving him stresses him (and us) out, we opted for an injection. We're certainly not out of the woods, but he is doing much better than about a month ago and he's actually acting like the London we love and have missed for several years. Dress Affordable backless or low-v evening party wears

i know this was very long, but many people have been on this journey with us and I wanted to thank everyone for their love, support and prayers. Even if we don't know who's sending the positiveness, thank you! We're just happy that London is still fighting with us and sharing his love!